Numbers you can build a business on.
There is a particularly powerful and cost-effective way to use Homefront that not too many people know about. Homefront Intensive is an Odyssey product that allows you to intensely focus part of a Homefront interview on a topic that is critical to the success of your business.
You can ask us to find out things like:

How many people are really going to take advantage of all the new capabilities and
services that are available on cellphones—and when?

Are the people who are stealing music also the people who are buying music?

Which consumers, if any, are taking advantage of Web 2.0 capabilities like writing blogs, subscribing to RSS feeds, contributing to wikis, and tagging?

What’s different about Homefront Intensive?

You’ve got people who are experts in new media and technology adoption writing the questions and putting them in the context of 15 years of tracking these behaviors and attitudes.

After we drill down and analyze the data, we come to you and report our findings.
We put the results into a form that answers your most important questions in a way that’s
easy to understand and act on.

The only thing you can compare it to would be a standalone study that would cost in the neighborhood of five times what you would pay for Homefront Intensive. And you wouldn’t get any of the benefit of seeing your answers in the context of Odyssey’s tremendous body of knowledge about consumer attitudes and behavior around new media.
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