Numbers you can build a business on.
Started in 1994, Homefront is an ongoing, national, random-sample survey
of attitudes about and usage of new media products and services. Each year
we complete interviews with thousands of Americans age 16 and older and
give you the important numbers about what new media devices Americans own,
how they use them, what they’re planning to buy, and what services they
subscribe to. This includes everything from PCs and mobile phones to Internet
services and pay television subscriptions.

We also examine what’s happening with emerging new media options — from
Web 2.0 behaviors (How many people really subscribe to blogs and RSS feeds?)
to attitudes toward satellite radio; from changes in how people consume
news to what (if anything) they’re really doing with all those new mobile phone capabilities. Homefront lets you drill down and get confident numbers on
important subgroups such as households with kids, video game players, and
digital cable and satellite television subscribers. All Homefront results are keyed
to Odyssey’s attitudinal segmentation — the only segmentation specific to the
new media market.
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