Numbers you can build a business on.
A one-year subscription to Homefront includes four quarterly reports. Each report focuses on different aspects of the new media
market. Over the last year, we covered twelve topic areas. A one-year subscription can start at any point in the year.
Each quarterly report consists of the following parts:

Executive Summary
Pulls together the most significant findings, culls the most important numerical facts,
identifies the trends, and explains what we’ve learned about how the markets covered by
the report are evolving.

Market Penetration
Includes market penetration for the markets covered by the report. Who owns what,
who’s subscribing to what, and how has it changed.

Purchase Intentions
Tells you who is planning to buy or begin using the critical equipment and services
required for participation in each market. For PCs and online services that might mean plans
to purchase a new PC, subscribe to a broadband connection, or install a home network.
For television, it might mean plans to get a DVR or to start using VOD.

Behavior and Attitudes
Profiles how consumers are using new media products, services and technologies. What are
they actually doing and what are they likely to be doing in the near future. This is where we
separate what’s hot from what’s hype.

Detailed numerical findings that support the information in the report and allow you to find
relevant data to your specific needs.

Historical Perspective
Data is compared against the previous Homefront studies to provide insight into markets are
developing and to identify emerging and evolving trends.
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